Letter from Chairman

John Tyson Tyson Foods’ success is the result of our folks “Doing What’s Right!” It was that way more than 80 years ago when my granddad hauled his first load of live chickens to Chicago. It was that way during the growth of the company under my Dad’s leadership, and it’s that way today, as we continue to be a leader in providing food to the world.

Our Code of Conduct has the best available policies and procedures in the business world today. Like the foundation my granddad and dad provided for the future of Tyson Foods, this code provides a foundation to build your business decisions upon. It offers guidance on how to act in most situations, but no single document can address every possible business situation. If you have any question or concern at all about the Code of Conduct or a business situation, you will also find specific information in here on whom to contact. Remember, if you ever have any doubt, always call someone.

Our focus on taking care of our team members, customers, consumers, shareholders, family farmers, and business partners is the way we do business. Our Core Values, Team Behaviors, Customer Promise, and this Code of Conduct are principles and guidelines that are available to each of us to make sure we do business the right way, every day.

Our culture comes from our team members. We, the Tyson team, are responsible for living out our values, behaviors, and promises by striving each day to do what’s right.

I thank you and appreciate you taking your time to read our Code of Conduct.

John Tyson
John Tyson                                                                                                                                                                                                          Chairman                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Tyson Foods, Inc.

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