Charitable Contributions
We support charitable giving

We believe in giving back to those communities where we live and work. It is because of this strong belief that we support charitable organizations around the world, including hunger and disaster relief. Giving back may be in the form of volunteering time, donating product or providing financial support and we encourage you to become involved with your local charities both inside and outside of work.

It's important you never use your position with the Company to coerce contributions or other forms of support from business partners or other team members for the purpose of supporting a charity.


You should not solicit contributions from our business partners for charitable fundraising or team member activities. We never want our business partners to feel obligated to contribute to these activities to retain our business relationship. Soliciting business partners is inappropriate regardless of the amount and during traditional gift-giving seasons.

Contact Ethics & Compliance before engaging in any activities involving games of chance, for example raffles and lotteries, which are defined as the payment of money to obtain a chance to win a prize. These are highly regulated activities and forbidden in most states, even if the beneficiary is a charity.

Policy Reference: Charitable Donation & Political Contribution Policy
Contact: Social Responsibility, Ethics & Compliance, Corporate Communications, Law Department

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