Social Media
We follow the same standards of behavior and courtesy online as we would elsewhere

We recognize the importance of communicating with business partners and consumers through a variety of social media tools, however, if not used responsibly it presents a confidential and reputational issue for the Company. We encourage you to be responsible when using social media while you are at the workplace and on your own time.

When posting to social media for business purposes, focus on creating value for our investors and customers. You should only post accurate, public information and never post confidential information. You should avoid making claims about our products unless they have been approved by management, and never claim to be “speaking for Tyson” unless you are an authorized spokesperson for Tyson.

If you are posting to your personal social media account, we encourage you to express your personal views but keep in mind your online communications can have a direct impact on the workplace even when they occur outside of working hours. Be mindful of the following sections of the Code when you use social media away from the workplace:

  • Media Communications
  • Insider Trading
  • Intellectual Property
  • Management Expectations          
  • Preventing Harassment & Discrimination
  • Workplace Violence

If you have concerns or complaints about Tyson, we encourage you to use the confidential channels provided in this Code to raise your concerns. We will investigate violations of our social media policy and take appropriate actions as necessary. Remember your online communications may be referenced forever and can affect both your reputation and Tyson’s reputation.

Policy Reference: Social Media PolicyStandards of Behavior Management Policy
Contact: Human Resources, Law Department

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