Company Asset Use
We are committed to using company assets appropriately


We trust you to use Tyson property for legitimate business purposes and to respect and care for this property as you would your own. We must work together to protect this property from theft, loss, damage, or misuse because it’s the right thing to do and it saves money. Managers who have spending authority or manage budgets and accounts have an additional level of responsibility to protect Tyson property.

Examples of physical property include:

  • Supplies
  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Inventories
  • Electronic devices

Examples of intangible assets include:

  • Company time
  • Non-public data and information
  • Work product
  • Intellectual property
Policy Reference: Corporate Accounting and Treasury Policies
Contact: Member of Management

We understand information technology systems are essential to our business. We all have a responsibility to protect these systems and the associated data from being lost or compromised. We expect you to use your electronic communication tools appropriately and for business purposes, and to keep your content free of harassment and discrimination. Tyson owns your work email and Internet accounts and the information stored on them. While limited personal use is acceptable, you do not have an expectation of privacy.

Remember…your email and online communications represent Tyson to the world.
Policy Reference: Electronic Usage Policy, Data Classification Policy, Harassment & Discrimination Policy
Contact: Human Resources, Information Technology

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