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Conflict of Interest
Avoid using your position with Tyson to achieve personal gain

You have a duty to avoid a conflict of interest, or an appearance of a conflict. A “conflict of interest” occurs when your personal interests or the interests of your family members either compete with your ability to perform your job responsibilities or compete with Tyson’s ability to conduct its business. While we respect your right to manage your personal interests and relationships, you have a duty to avoid using your company position to achieve personal gain.

A personal interest typically results in a financial transaction and may include employment, an equity interest (an ownership interest in a company), or holding of debt.

Personal Interests
  • Interests held by a team member individually
  • Interests held by a team member’s family to include: spouse/partner, parents, sibling, children, step-relatives, and in-laws
  • Any other member of a team member’s household.
Business Activities are transactions involving the following business partners:
  • Vendor: a company or person who supplies goods or services to Tyson
  • Customer: a company or person who directly buys goods or services produced by Tyson
  • Grower/Producer: cattle, hog or poultry producers, growers and/or feeders
  • Other: participation in activities involving Tyson's customers, vendors, industry or competitors. For example, sitting on boards or councils, consulting, etc.


Questions and Answers
Q: When should you disclose a Business Partner Relationship?
A: If you have a personal interest in a business activity as defined above, we expect you to disclose it to protect yourself and the Company.  It's not about whether you think it's immaterial or you think your job responsibilities don't conflict.  It's about the existence of a personal interest in a business activity.
Q: How should you disclose a Business Partner Relationship?
A: In the U.S., complete the electronic disclosure form linked below.  It will be automatically routed to your supervisor, HR and ethics and compliance for review.  International locations may have a different form in place, contact HR for guidance.  If we determine there's not an actual conflict of interest based on your current job responsibilities, then your personal interest and business activities are acceptable. 
Q: Do I have a conflict of interest?
My father-in-law owns a chicken grow out operation for Tyson, do I need to disclose it?
A: Yes. A personal interest exists because your in-laws are considered family members and growers are considered business partners.  You need to complete the disclosure form. 
Form: Disclosure Form
Policy Reference: Conflict of Interest Policy
Contact: Ethics & Compliance, Human Resources, Law Department
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Conflict of Interest     
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