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Food Safety
A top priority is strengthening food safety culture around the world

Our customers and consumers trust us to deliver safe, high quality food products that provide value. In keeping with these expectations, we are obligated to ensure food safety is always our top priority throughout the entire production process. We expect all team members to comply with government regulations and our food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) policies and procedures. If you are aware of or suspect any violation, whether it’s accidental or intentional, you must immediately report it to a member of management.

Please ask your FSQA representatives what you can do to help ensure compliance! Expectations governing food safety and quality are complex and subject to change.
Policy Reference: Food Safety & Quality Assurance (FSQA) Policies
Contact: Supervisor, Local or Corporate Food Safety & Quality Assurance Representative, Human Resources
Questions and Answers
Q: What should I do?I witnessed a team member not following the product specification but I don’t think it’s a food safety issue.
A: Whether it's a food safety issue or customer expectation, all standards must be followed. Contact an FSQA representative immediately.
Q: What should I do?I see water dripping from a pipe onto product in the cooler but the local government inspector hasn’t said anything. Does this mean it’s ok?
A: No. Team members are expected to do the right thing, even if a government inspector doesn't notice or tell us something is wrong. Contact a member of management or an FSQA representative immediately.


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