Government Interactions
We develop productive relationships with government officials

We strive to develop and maintain good relationships with elected and appointed government officials and government agencies. We are not only regulated by them but we are also in partnership with many of them on numerous fronts, ranging from employee eligibility to food safety.

If your role requires you to interact with an individual or agency of the government, you must represent Tyson in a positive manner at all times – both in word and deed. In addition, you must understand and respect the role they have in inspecting our products, plants, processes, etc. You should contact the Law Department if your location or department is being visited or audited by a government or regulatory agency.

We are proud of the government contracts we have providing schools, the military, and other governmental agencies with a variety of Tyson products. Many countries have strict legal requirements when conducting business with their government. These strict regulations are far more complex than those governing our commercial sales accounts.

If your work involves negotiations with, sales to or working with government officials on any new or existing government contract, it is important you contact the Law Department to clearly understand your responsibility in following these strict rules.

Contact: Law Department

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