Confidential Information
We protect team member and business partner information

In your job, you may have access to confidential information about other team members or business partners, including customers and suppliers. You have a duty to protect this information by not disclosing it unless you are permitted to do so under applicable law, regulations, and Company policies or procedures.

How do you know what information is confidential information? Confidential information can be written, verbal or electronic and includes a wide variety of data, including technology applications, business strategies, customer lists, non-public pricing information, sales volumes, product specifications and team member confidential medical information.

The restriction on disclosing confidential information is not intended to prevent team members from reporting concerns of any suspected misconduct to management or government agencies, or to prevent team members from reporting retaliation for reporting such concerns. It's also not intended to prevent team members from responding truthfully to questions or requests from government agencies.

Remember if confidential information about Tyson or a business partner is material and non-public, you may not use this information when deciding to buy or sell securities of these companies. See Insider Trading section for additional information.

Examples of Confidential Information:
Non-public pricing information, sales volumes, product specifications and team member confidential medical information.
Policy Reference: Confidentiality PolicySecurities Trading Policy, Copyright Policy
Contact: Human Resources, Law Department

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