Employment Practices


We respect and value the uniqueness of one another

We encourage an appreciation and respect for the unique backgrounds, experiences, thoughts and talents of our team members, business partners and consumers.  Understanding, respecting, and valuing inclusion and diversity is central to both our Core Values and Team Behaviors. We strive to cultivate a culture and vision that supports and enhances our ability to recruit, develop and retain diverse talent at every level.

You play a critical role in sustaining this culture of diversity and inclusion. As team members, we respect the uniqueness of one another, valuing input from others who may have a different perspective and encourage an environment of trust and openness.

Policy Reference: Core Values, Team Behaviors
Contact: Human Resources

We are committed to complying with immigration laws

We are committed to employing only those individuals who are legally authorized to work in the country where they are seeking employment. It is our responsibility to inspect, verify, and document the identity and employment authorization of every new team member. We are prohibited from knowingly hiring or allowing anyone to continue working if they are not authorized for employment.

You are required to report anyone who is not legally authorized to work in the country where they are employed. In complying with immigration laws, it’s important that you cooperate in any training, certification, record keeping and/or third-party verification compliance requests from HR.

Policy Reference: Employment Eligibility Policy
Contact: Employment Compliance, Law Department

We are committed to providing a workplace free of harassment and we treat each other fairly, without prejudice

We all have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and to work in an environment free from harassment and discrimination. Harassment is a form of unlawful discrimination that consists of behavior that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. Harassment comes in many forms, including physical actions, verbal or written remarks, pictures, video recordings or drawings.

You should never act in a harassing manner. It’s important to remember that harassment, sexual or otherwise, is determined by your actions and by how they are perceived by others, regardless of your intentions.

We provide equal employment opportunities by treating our team members and those who apply to work for us fairly. This means our employment decisions are based on merit (skills, performance, abilities and qualifications), applicable law and without regard to non-job-related conditions or characteristics.

You are expected to treat team members fairly and use good judgment in your communications, actions and interactions in and outside of the workplace. This expectation also extends to our non-team members including growers, producers, suppliers, brokers, service providers, agents and customers.

Questions and Answers
Q: What should I do?One of my coworkers seems to be picked on constantly by others and it’s intimidating. I discussed this with another team member who advised me to ignore the situation because if I spoke up I could “become the next target.”
A:You should report inappropriate or unacceptable behavior to your supervisor.  If you don't feel comfortable reporting it to your supervisor, report it to your local HR or call the Help Line.
Q: What should I do?My supervisor is recruiting and hiring new team members, but is excluding applicants because of age.
A: Tyson does not tolerate age discrimination.  Do not discuss the situation with your supervisor, seek advice from your local HR representative and allow him or her to handle the situation.
Policy Reference: Harassment and Discrimination Policy, Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Contact: Supervisor, Human Resources, Employment Compliance

We respect all faiths and traditions of our team members

We strive to be faith-friendly by respecting and acknowledging all faiths in a manner that is respectful of customs, traditions and beliefs. At the heart of this commitment is a profound respect for our rich culture that centers on the idea that faith and traditions enrich the workplace.

If you believe work requirements conflict with your sincerely held religious beliefs or practices, we encourage you to contact your local HR representative. They can review the guidelines and procedures for requesting a reasonable accommodation.

Policy Reference: Religious Accommodation Policy
Contact: Human Resources

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