Health & Safety
We are committed to providing our team members a safe work environment

We value your health and safety and strive for zero injuries and illnesses. We maintain a safety culture grounded on the premise of eliminating workplace incidents, risks and hazards. We have created and implemented processes to help eliminate events by reducing their frequency and severity. We also review and monitor our performance closely. We expect you and our business partners to understand and comply with applicable safety and health laws, regulations, and company policies and procedures. If you are aware of or suspect any unsafe work condition, threat or unusual action or situation – you must immediately report it to a member of management. Do not allow yourself or anyone to ignore established safety policies and procedures.

Raise your concerns to a member of management if you:

  • Receive instructions to do a task you consider unsafe;
  • Receive instructions to do a job you think you are not properly trained to perform that may harm you or others;
  • See someone performing a task you think is unsafe or the person is not properly trained to do;
  • Suspect a vehicle or piece of equipment (for example, refrigeration equipment) is not operating properly and may be unsafe to you or others;
  • Observe or are made aware of an unsafe condition or a potential danger to you or others.
Examples of how we strive for a safe work environment:
  • Life Saving Rules (Core Safety Mandates) training is required by all team members and focuses on three critical areas including Lock Out and Tag Out, Confined Space Entry, and Fall Protection.
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a valuable tool for improving the Company’s overall safety performance by identifying the hazards associated with job tasks and developing action plans for controlling or eliminating the hazards.
Policy Reference: Health & Safety Policies, Sustainability Report
Contact: Supervisor, Local or Corporate Health & Safety Representative, Human Resources
Questions and Answers
Q: What should I do? My supervisor asked me to do a job that I don’t think I’m properly trained to perform, and it may have safety implications.
A: You should not perform a job that you haven't been properly trained to do.  Discuss this with your supervisor and local safety representative to seek advice on what necessary training is required to perform the job safely. 


We treat others with dignity and respect

We are committed to providing you a safe work environment, free from workplace violence. You should never engage in any act that could cause another person to feel threatened or unsafe. Examples of workplace violence may include verbal or physical assaults, threats, expressions of hostility, intimidation or aggression. In addition, making maliciously false statements against another person is considered workplace violence.

Policy Reference: Workplace Violence Policy
Contact: Supervisor, Security, Human Resources

We are committed to a drug and alcohol-free environment

We are committed to providing you a safe work environment that is free from the influence of alcohol and drugs. You should never use any substance that could impair your job performance because it presents an unacceptable safety risk to you and others. This means you should never work under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances. If prescribed medication(s) alter your physical or mental ability to perform your job, you must report this to the Occupational Health Service office. You are also prohibited from possessing, selling, using, transferring or distributing illegal drugs or controlled substances in the workplace. If you think you have a substance abuse problem, we encourage you to seek help.

Policy Reference: Drug & Alcohol Policy
Contact: Occupational Health Services, Human Resources

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