Management Expectations
Lead by example and act with integrity

“People make a business. Not numbers, not animals, not anything else. People make a business.”
– Don Tyson, Former Chairman and CEO

We expect all team members to act ethically regardless of their position and we believe our management team members have a responsibility to lead by example. This means living out – both in word and deed – the principles set forth in our Code, Core Values, and Team Behaviors. We strive to create an environment of trust where team members are comfortable asking questions and raising concerns without fear of retaliation.

As a supervisor, you are the first point of contact when team members have questions and concerns. Therefore, you need to be ready and willing to listen and respond appropriately. If you do not know the answer or are unsure, let the team member know you’ll get back to them and then refer the question or concern to the appropriate department. Remember it’s your responsibility as a supervisor to immediately refer all unethical behavior and illegal conduct to HR whether you witness the misconduct or receive a report about it.

Policy Reference: Standards of Behavior Management Policy, Core Values, Team Behaviors
Contact: Human Resources

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